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2008-11-25 21:42:40 by p4c

yeah, im learning it since my school wants me to make them a website for their new writing program. omm nommm nommm nommmmmm


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2008-11-25 21:44:02

Your school wants YOU to make them a website? LOL

p4c responds:

yeah thats what i thought when they told me hahah. but im up for it.


2009-03-15 16:40:13

noooo. my school wants me to make a website for them too! its annoying since i have 3 others that are supposed to help me... but of course theyre not. it looks pretty crappy since part of the site is done lazily by lazy bums. and the thing is, one of them is trying to be in charge of the group... shes not doing very well. we could have been using these cool images, layouts, and flash if it wasnt for her. she always has to say that everything is too hard. now im getting lazy, cuz i have to cover for their crap work, trying to get info, set up info, fix any syntax error, etc. its just too much. i feel they intentionally pile up work on me.