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2008-10-16 21:52:40 by p4c

now that it seems that i might be getting close to a frontpage... i wonder if my song will survive the tuesday night 0fest hehe


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2008-10-24 13:11:43

Yeah, it's Zero-buffets at night :(
Fuck the 0-bombers!


2008-11-04 14:32:46

Oh man, after I posted a thread about hating 0-bombers because one of my submissions took a hard hit in 30 minutes, the next day ALL my submissions lost about 2 points on the ratings, dropping everything from 4+ to mid 1's and 2's LOL.

So, I wouldn't complain TOO much or it may draw attention to the 0-zombies.

p4c responds:

haha im not that worried. i dont really care about the popularity contest on NG that much, but it seemed interesting how my songs were climbing with relatively high numbers of votes :) noice

i was wondering why all ur songs had such low ratings... they are MINT