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Underappreciated songs

2008-06-20 12:25:08 by p4c

Sadly, the Newgrounds audio portal craps out a ton of great songs that fail to get the appreciation they deserve. While there are countermeasures to that problem like the underdog list, they seem to be ineffective individually. So, I'll try to chip into the effort and keep a list of songs I think should be listened to more [apart from my own ;)].

So, I'll just add stuff with few views and reviews as I see them. As the list grows, I'll start categorizing [but not using the NG categories... they are too narrow and some aren't even genres]. Feel free to throw in your own suggestions, too.

Chrono Destiny - Chrono Trigger 1000AD remix - Forever Until Tomorrow

Krumpinkin - Love Trance
DJ Piro - Strike Down

DJ-Demolic - Universal Mysteries [damn! this guy is really good.]

Silent Seraph - Oh Gloria [Teaser]

xXxtEcHnOFUsIoNxXx - You Make Me Ok

wolf-tech - The Leaving Song
VegetarianMeat - .haze.

Hawkian - Pumpkin

MetamystiksInc - Angelmass [after some research, i found that MetamystiksInc is actually a legit DJ, so im kind of sad that he ditched the site and had all the songs he posted lowly rated and basically ignored. nevertheless, a cool little loop.

Hip Hop

MetamystiksInc - Warriors (feat Kal-L)


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2008-08-04 12:17:00

I completely agree. It's not only annoying, but sad to see GOOD artists (like the one's you've got here) go unnoticed. I've heard my share of songs in the AP, and there are a LOT of great songs that pass through unnoticed.

Sure people try to create lists and what have you, but there are still those out there that take the information on these lists and still zero bomb songs.
Until the AP voting system is fixed, great songs will be noticed.